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Our Personal Approach to Winemaking

At Turks Head Wines, our passion finds expression in every bottle of the Bordeaux-style wines we craft. Sourced, produced, and bottled in the heart of Northern California, our commitment to excellence shines through. Our hands-on approach guides the entire winemaking process, ensuring that each wine we create is a testament to elegance and personalized craftsmanship.

workers in harvest trucks during wine harvest in the early morning
Beyond the Vines

Meet Our Winemaker

Kieran Robinson is the driving force behind the wines poured at Turks Head Wines. Over the last 20 years Kieran’s winemaking skills have been honed by working with some of the most renowned winemakers in the world such as Paul Hobbs, Aaron Pott and Michel Rolland, but he also brings his own unique vision and approach to the craft. His wines are a reflection of his talent, passion, and dedication to creating exceptional wines.

For Kieran, winemaking is about more than just following a recipe or adhering to a formula. He believes that each vintage is a unique expression of the land, the weather, and the people who tend the vines. His goal is to create wines that reflect this sense of place and time, capturing the essence of each vintage.

Kieran is a man of two coasts, living in Chester County, PA and Napa County, CA. He’s hands-on at every step, from sourcing to bottling, infusing every bottle with his unique signature touch. And this all-American story begins right in the heart of Chester County where Kieran was born and raised.

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photo of Kieran Robinson, Turks Head Wines' winemaker
From Grape to Glass

Our Winemaking Process & Philosophy


It all starts out with finding the perfect fruit to make exceptional wine. We have direct relationships with Vineyard owners and farmers, sourcing our fruit exclusively through these partnerships. We take the time to walk every row of every vineyard, to ensure that each grape is of the highest quality. We work closely with our farmers and vineyard managers to ensure that each grape is nurtured and harvested with the utmost care, to ensure that it reaches its full potential.

close-up of purple and green grapes on the vine
Founder, Allison, and Winemaker, Kieran, walking through vineyards
workers hand picking wine grapes during harvest


During Harvest, our Winemaker regularly visits each vineyard, closely monitoring the ripening of the fruit to ensure that each vineyard is picked at the optimal time. We handpick our grapes in the cool, early morning hours to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas of the fruit. Each grape cluster is carefully picked by hand to ensure that only the best fruit makes it into our wines. We never use machine harvesting, as we believe that this would compromise the quality of our grapes and the resulting wines.

worker driving away with bin full of freshly picked wine grapes

Crushing & Fermenting

After we harvest the fruit, it heads to our production facility that same day, where our winemaker readies the equipment for the next steps in the winemaking process. The fruit is carefully sorted and crushed, preserving all its flavor and freshness from the moment it was picked. Then, the juice is transferred to fermentation tanks, where the magic really happens. This is where art and science come together to create something truly special.

wine grapes being poured into fermentation equipment
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At Turks Head Wines, we’re serious about making amazing red wines. We use only the finest French oak barrels and allow our wines to mature slowly, ensuring the perfect balance of flavor and aroma. Every bottle of Turks Head wine is a testament to the skill and dedication of our winemaker.

Allison, Kieran, and Josh smiling at a wine tasting with wine barrels in the background


Blending is where our winemaking process really shines. We carefully assess each grape varietal’s unique flavors and aromas, selecting those that will complement each other. We then blend the wines in a delicate balance of science and intuition. The results are wines that celebrate tradition and innovation, while being crafted with pride and care.

white wines being blended during bottling process
inspecting wine bottles during the bottling process
close up of Turks Head Wines Semillon and Rose bottles


The bottling process is a milestone moment in our winemaking journey. Every bottle is carefully inspected to ensure the highest quality. Our winemaker oversees the process, making sure every bottle reflects our dedication and craftsmanship. When you open a bottle of Turks Head wine, you’ll taste the care we put into every step of the process. We hope you’ll appreciate the journey our grapes went through to get into your glass.

Grape to Glass

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Our wines are crafted in the style of Bordeaux, but with a distinctly Californian flair. The warm climate and diverse soils of the North Coast allow us to create wines that are both elegant and approachable, with a unique sense of place. Explore our online shop to browse our selection of wine bottles, gifts, and merchandise.

close up of purple wine grapes in Bidwell Creek Vineyard
Sourcing Our Grapes

The Story of Our Vineyards

The diverse terroirs of Northern California create the unique flavors in our wines. At Turks Head Wines, we celebrate this diversity through our commitment to crafting exceptional wines from the finest fruit the Northern Coast of California has to offer.