Our Story

Rooted in West Chester

Behind the Name

It’s not just a name. It’s a nod to our town’s heritage. The Turks Head Tavern, established by Phineas Eachus in 1762, played a vital role in the early history of the town. Locals would refer to where they live as “near the Turks Head” and the town affectionately took on that name. In 1768 Phineas faced financial ruin and was forced to sell all of his assets, including the tavern and land, to John Hoopes. John decided that the town required a larger tavern so erected a new one in 1769 on the corner of N High St and Market St. Beyond being a prominent social center, it also hosted crucial and historical meetings. One such meeting in 1786 led to Turks Head becoming the county seat for Chester County and, shortly thereafter, the name of the town was officially changed to West Chester. Though the original tavern is gone, we continue to honor its legacy through the Turks Head Wines brand.

aerial view of downtown West Chester, PA
Turks Head Tavern historic plaque in West Chester Borough, PA
Turks Head Wines historic building in West Chester Borough, PA
Turks Head Wines logo icon

Behind the Logo

The Turks Head knot is a decorative knot with a distinctive woven pattern. It has historical significance in maritime and nautical contexts and has been used in various cultures due to its strong symbolism regarding unity & strength, endurance and connection.

In the context of Turks Head Wines, the knot in our logo symbolizes the unity of different elements within our winery and our community. It also reflects the meticulous care and attention to detail that we put into crafting our exceptional wines. The knot’s historical significance adds a touch of tradition and craftsmanship to our brand’s identity.

The Vision Behind the Brand

About the Founder

With a bold leap of faith, Allison Owen left the corporate world behind and embraced her passion for wine by founding Turks Head Wines. Allison decided to not only source, produce and bottle all of Turks Head wines in California, but to create a place where people could gather and connect over their shared love of wine.

As a Level 3 Sommelier and Certified Wine Instructor, Allison is ready to guide people on their journey of wine discovery at Turks Head Wines.

Turks Head Wines logo icon
Founder Allison Owen
Turks Head Wines team pouring wine at barrel tasting
Elegant & Approachable

About Our Wines

Our wines are made from grapes grown in a variety of American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) and vineyards, each with their own distinct flavor profiles. This allows us to create a diverse portfolio of wines, with something to please every palate. From bold reds to crisp whites, our wines showcase the best of California’s North Coast.