Wildwood Vineyard

Historic Family Vineyard

Originally planted in 1882, this vineyard is currently owned by 5th generation farmer, Keith Kunde. Keith’s family has had stewardship of the vineyard since 1904 and survived Prohibition by producing sacramental wines. Today, Wildwood Vineyards has an impressive 600 acres under vine and grows over 19 varietals across 7 microclimates. History is alive deep into the vineyard where the original Winery sits beautifully in ruins.

Valley to Peak Vineyard

This picturesque vineyard straddles both the Sonoma Valley and Moon Mountain AVAs. Vines rise from the valley floor at 450′ all the way up to the Mayacamas crest at 2000′ above sea level. These sought-after vines produce smooth, deep, and full-bodied wines; the unique microclimates of this large vineyard each bring planted to the proper varietal for maximum fruit expression.


Cabernet Franc, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Zinfandel




Moon Mountain & Sonoma Valley

wall of vines
old winery ruins
Wildwood Vineyards grape bud close-up
white grapes ready for harvest
birds eye view of a road running through Wildwood Vineyard
sun setting over the horizon of a Northern California vineyard
rose bush in vineyard
Wildwood Vineyard rows of wine plants
winemakers walking through vineyard
Close-up of vines