McDermaid Vineyard

The Big Valley District AVA

Situated on the edge of Clear Lake, California’s largest inland body of water, and located in a natural high-elevation bowl with mountain peaks to the South, West and East, the Big Valley District AVA has ideal soils for Bordeaux varietals that are primarily composed of gravel and clay loam.

The Ideal Climate for Sauvignon Blanc

The McDermaid Vineyard sits above 1200’ in elevation with vines that enjoy abundant sunshine during the day, but – due to the cool breezes that drop over the Mayacamas Mountains – temperatures plummet at night. These huge diurnal shifts in temperature lead to intensely flavored wines. This is especially true of the appellation’s most celebrated grape variety, Sauvignon Blanc, where the elevation, UV exposure, and massive temperature swings help create wines with wonderful crispness and clarity, but also with an amazing depth of flavors.


Sauvignon Blanc


Lake County


Big Valley District

sun shining through the trees at McDermaid Vineyard
drone view of McDermaid Vineyard
close-up of white grape bushels ready for harvest
white grapes glowing in the sunshine
looking through vines at vineyard
sunshine glaring through vines and bushels of grapes
birds eye view of large shadows cast across vineyard
sun shining through the trees at McDermaid Vineyard
ground view of vineyard
close-up of white grapes with the sun shining through the vines in the background