Geib Ranch Vineyard

A Family Tradition of Wine

A small, shaded vineyard just outside the town of Kenwood, CA, Geib Ranch was planted by the Geib family in the early 90s adjacent to the family home. Martha “Marty” Geib, who originally planted the vines with her late husband Ed and son John, recently passed away, but her children continue the family tradition of selling grapes to premium wineries and Turks Head Wines is honored to be one of the very few wineries with access to this fruit.

Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Eastern facing and shaded by some large Redwood groves, this family farm is significantly cooler than much of the adjacent Sonoma Valley. While enjoying the same fertile, loamy valley floor soils as our other Sonoma Valley Sauvignon Blanc vineyards, the reduced UV exposure from afternoon shade results in later-ripening fruit and a completely unique flavor profile for the area.


Sauvignon Blanc




Sonoma Valley

service road running through Gieb Vineyard
hands holding white grapes
wine vines growing towards the sky
vineyard grapes sprouting
drone view of vineyard landscape
drone view of vineyard rows
looking down a vineyard row at Wooden Valley Vineyard
close-up of white grapes and vine leaves
white grapes growing from a vine
close-up of vineyard wiring